Meaning of Teamwork

What is teamwork:

Teamwork is the integrated effort of a group of people to carry out a project.

Teamwork implies the coordination of 2 or more people oriented towards the achievement of common objectives. Each member must contribute to carry out a part of the work.

The name teamwork emerged after the First World War. Nowadays, it is an efficient way of working that delivers various points of view and that serve to more efficiently resolve conflicts that arise in the economic, political and social spheres.

Characteristics of teamwork

Teamwork involves bringing together various personalities to carry out a project or objective. In this sense, working as a team is an effort of all the members of the group.

For teamwork to be pleasant and efficient, work teams must take into account some points that will help the characteristics that hinder group dynamics can be eliminated.

Definition of objectives

Working in a team is a way to carry out projects or achieve specific goals. In this sense, the definition of objectives, as in any project, must be known in advance by all the members that will make up the working group.

Division of tasks

When starting to work in a team, it is recommended to clearly define the division of tasks. Homework assignments are generally done together. During the presentation of the objectives of the project, each of the members will be able to know in the areas in which they can be more efficient or give a better contribution.


When there are several responsible people in a project, it is necessary to have a project time management to coordinate the rhythm of each member. The schedule has this function.

In this way, despite the tasks being divided among several, the deadlines will allow the pieces to be put together and discuss possible problems or ideas.


Communication in any social relationship is essential for it to be harmonious. The pressure of work can make peer relationships more difficult.

When working as a team, the channels and forms of communication must be well established. The direction of certain information is also essential so that communication is fluid and does not hinder the work of others.

Advantages and disadvantages of teamwork

All group dynamics have their advantages and disadvantages. In general, we can say that it promotes creativity, naturally motivates, decentralizes functions among team members, freely exchanges experiences and knowledge, and optimizes the time and knowledge of each of the members.

Similarly, there are the disadvantages of teamwork such as: distraction among team members, conflicts between members, difficult personalities or the unfair distribution of tasks.

The important thing about teamwork is that all members are responsible for the project. That there is a good level of coordination, harmony, solidarity, understanding and good relations between the members.

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