Meaning of field work

What is field work:

Fieldwork is part of a research project where the theory is brought to the environment where it is applied or identified.

Field work also refers to the type of work that must be done in the field, that is, where the worker must transport himself to a place that is not his usual place or outside his office. This generally applies in the field of engineering, architecture or in the field of social sciences.

In market research, field work is part of collecting the data necessary to identify the perception that the target audience has of the product.

A field work that is part of an investigation is also known as Field Investigation and consists of the observation outside the laboratory or study of the environment where the hypothesis is generated.

In this sense, the importance of field work lies in the identification of the theory in the place where the studied phenomenon unfolds. In this way, the information necessary for the verification or generation of hypotheses is collected.

In English fieldwork translates as Field work.

Field work characteristics

In research projects, field work is characterized as one of the means to obtain primary sources of information. As its name says, it indicates that the researcher must work in the natural environment of the phenomenon studied.

Field work also involves observing the development of uncontrolled variables or factors, therefore, close to reality and qualitative.

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