Meaning of Tongue Twister

What are Tongue Twisters:

It is known as tongue twister, also called tongue twister, a word or phrase that is difficult to pronounce. Tongue twisters are seen as a set of words with grammatical similarities, which makes their pronunciation and reading difficult.

Tongue twisters are identified for being short compositions, and in some cases, nonsensical, composed of alliterations, rhymes, and stop words. On the other hand, they are a manifestation of the popular and traditional literature of a people, in which each country presents its own tongue twisters, and sometimes many of them present a slight difference between countries.

In principle, tongue twisters are seen as a game, which is intended to confuse the person who recites it, but this action goes far beyond being a game, since the individual when trying to pronounce the tongue twister correctly and clearly, works to achieve a fast, smooth, easy reading and with intonation.

Examples of tongue twisters

Pablito nailed a nail,
a nail Pablito nail.

Erre con erre guitar,
erre with erre barrel,
how fast the wheels roll,
of the railroad.

Three sad tigers swallowed wheat in a wheat field in three sad junk.
In three sad junk, they swallowed wheat in a wheat field, three sad tigers.

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