Meaning of Betrayal

What is Treason:

The word treason refers to the act or conduct of disloyalty or lack of commitment that exists between two or more parties involved. The term originates from Latin tradite which means treason, that is, action that leads to breaking trust.

Betrayals are generated in different spaces or situations of daily life. The person who carries out a betrayal generally defrauds and hurts the affected person morally, economically, family and even socially, breaking ties of trust and loyalty.

Acts of treason can occur in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, be it work, family, friendship and even in political, social and economic activities.

Unfortunately there are people who can betray others and even betray corporations or companies through various acts and regardless of their consequences.

Among the best known examples of betrayals throughout human history and that exemplify this behavior, the betrayal of the disciple Judas Iscariot to Jesus of Nazareth stands out when he identifies him before his persecutors.

This situation was anticipated by Jesus at the Last Supper with his disciples and is detailed in the Bible.

See also Loyalty.

There are also other examples of betrayals, especially in various literary, theatrical and cinematographic works in which the wrong behaviors of their characters are exposed and how this affects others.

To betray is to deny and break ties of trust built over time.

Couple relationships, for various reasons, can be affected by the betrayal of one to the other, either through unfaithful behaviors or because they act or react contrary to what the loved one expects in their romantic relationship.

See also Infidelity.

Likewise, it can occur between a friendship when the trust and commitment between two or more friends is broken or when situations of betrayal arise through unexpected behaviors such as mistreatment through words or actions and reactions.

In the workplace, betrayals are also very common, especially when a person wants to control a situation for their own benefit and regardless of how it may negatively affect their coworkers.

Labor betrayal can occur through the competitiveness of people, theft of information and even embezzlement or scams.

However, sometimes the betrayals of a partner, between friends or work are not voluntary or intentional, but the damage or annoyance is not stopped generating in other people and in the same way trust is weakened.

See also Trust.

Now, in the field of law there is a set of regulations that regulate the behavior of people who act incorrectly or against their country, this is called treason.

Treason against the fatherland is understood to be a crime committed by a civilian or military man who acts against the security of his country, its institutions and citizens. For example, conspiring against a government, making public special information of the State, being a member of terrorist groups or illegal trafficking, among others.

However, depending on the justice applied to the people who commit these crimes and the applicable penalty, sometimes it is not only considered as a simple treason, but as an act of high treason and its conviction or penalty is more forceful.

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