Meaning of Transparency

What is Transparency:

Transparency is a quality that some objects or materials have through which light passes and can be seen. For example, the transparency of a white sheet, water or glass.

Sheets or slides that are projected, either in an exhibition or conference, on a white screen and that contain information and images, are also called transparency.

In the cinema the technique of projection of images captured by means of a photographic device is called transparency.

Transparency is also understood as the optical property possessed by some substances that can be penetrated by light rays. For example, the tinted windows that are part of vehicles.

On the other hand, the term transparency is used to indicate the positive behavior of individuals.

It is said that a person is transparent when he is sincere, responsible, assumes the consequences of his actions, does not lie or has secrets. That is, transparent people show themselves as they are.

For many people, transparency is a social value that generates trust, security and shows the positive side of individuals.

Among the words that can be used as a synonym for transparency are clarity, lucidity, luminosity, sharpness or clarity.

See also Honesty.

Political transparency

Political transparency refers to the honesty, ethics and responsibility that governments and public entities must have in order to make citizens aware of the steps and activities in which economic investments of social importance are made.

For this reason, political transparency is even related to economic, social and legal issues. On the other hand, political transparency not only covers the public political sphere, it also includes private institutions.

Political transparency seeks to generate a relationship of trust and security with citizens in order to publicize all those activities, negotiations, budgets and access to information that is of a public nature and interest.

However, there are many cases in which such transparency does not exist and this is related to acts of corruption, misappropriation of assets, lack of information, loss of money, unfinished works, among others.

For example, in Mexico political transparency has a lot of value, for this reason the government created various platforms in which many of the information of citizen interest are published, in order to generate greater confidence about the political management that is carried out.

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