Meaning of Trisquel

What is Trisquel:

The triskelion or triskele, also called trikele or trinacria, is a Celtic and curvilinear geometric symbol formed by three spiral arms that join in a central point, circle or triangle, configuring the shape of a helix, it is similar to the swastika or the tetraskel, one of the differences are that the latter have four arms forming 90º angles. Three is the most sacred number for Celtic culture, and represents perfection and balance.

The triskelion is the supreme symbol of the Druids, according to Celtic culture, and they were the only ones who could carry this sacred and magical symbol that for them represented learning, and the past, the present and the future. It also represents the balance between body, mind and spirit, the beginning and the end, evolution and growth, perpetual learning and eternal evolution. It was used for its healing ability, to heal wounds and relieve fevers, and therefore, as a talisman.

In the triskelion, for the Druids, the first spiral represents the sensations and senses, the limits and capacities of the body, the second spiral represents consciousness and reason, the path of ideas and thought, and the third spiral, called triskillan, represents the hard path of the soul, learning from the world of the spirit and the gods.

Throughout history, numerous trisqueles have been found. Some appeared in monetary coinage, for example, in the pre-Roman city of Ilíberis (Granada), and others were engraved on the stone, wearing away its surface layer, these are called petroglyphs. These engravings exist in some areas of Spain, for example, in Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias and the Basque Country. Trisqueles have also been found as pre-Roman symbols in Biscay and in various areas of the Basque Country.

A trisquel with three legs and not with spirals, is the Greek form of the triskelion, called Triskelion (τρισκέλιον), it appears on the shield of the Isle of Man, a British island, and on that of Sicily, with a face of a medusa on the center.

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