Meaning of Troglodyte

What is Troglodyte:

Troglodyte is the term used to describe prehistoric human beings who lived in caves and behaved wildly.

The word troglodyte derives from Latin troglodyte, and this from the Greek trōglodýtēs. Among the synonyms that can be related to troglodyte are the words, caveman, prehistoric, coarse, unsociable or eater.

The extended image of the troglodyte exposes a human being of prehistoric characteristics with the body covered by a large amount of hair that, used to be naked or only some parts of the body were covered with the pieces of skins that were left from the hunted animals.

Also, the troglodytes ate in large quantities, for this reason they used to have sticks or rudimentary hunting weapons in their hands, they even practiced cannibalism.

On the other hand, the troglodytes did not use spoken language, it has been determined that they were unintelligent, intractable beings and had a recurrently violent and barbarous behavior, that is, barely rational.

Hence, many people tend to associate and use the term troglodyte in a derogatory way, with people whose behaviors are usually violent or uncivilized. Also included are those who tend to eat uncontrollably or who are gluttonous.

For example, "Lucas always acts like a troglodyte when he plays soccer", "You look like a troglodyte, you ate both pizzas and did not share with us."

It is called a troglodyte who has an inappropriate behavior to treat others, constantly resorts to cruel acts, lacks values ​​and, even, seems to not have the ability to make logical reasoning.

For example, “You are a troglodyte, you shouldn't have treated your friend that way”, “Think before you act, don't be a troglodyte”.

See also Violence.

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