TRX Meaning

What is TRX:

It is known as TRX to the acronym of Total-body Resistance Exercise, which in Spanish means "resistance exercise of the whole body".

It is also called TRX Suspension Training, or what is the same suspended training.

The TRX is a suspension training that is developed by means of a non-elastic adjustable harness, attached to an assemblage point, it can be a wall, door, tree, or any other high, strong and static surface. At the anchor point there are two ropes with grips, where the individual holds his arms or feet to suspend himself over his own body, and thus perform the movements.

The TRX is an innovative and recent method, created by the SEALs, currently Navy SEALs, as a need to maintain their physical conditions when they did not have the equipment or the space for physical training. As a result, Randy Hetrick - former member of the SEALs and founder of Fitness Anywhere - and his colleagues created the first model with a parachute belt and developed a series of exercises using body weight. Then they were perfecting the exercises and apparatus, and it began to be commercialized in 2005.

The TRX is characterized by its functional character since it allows to work all the parts of the body for its toning, increase of the muscular force, as well as to improve the posture and injuries of some part of the body, especially the vertebrae. The most important thing is that it does not demand a physical condition from the individual since there are different training programs to suit everyone.

In addition to the above, in the case of training in an interval circuit, and with as many repetitions of the movement as possible for the individual, you get a cardiovascular and fat burning training. At this point, it is important to highlight that the individual can choose the level of difficulty by changing the position of their own body, without using additional materials.

Currently, there are various ways of practicing this interesting sport since it is performed in private facilities, such as gyms, private rooms, as well as outdoors, which allows the practitioner or athlete to always have several options and not fall into the In the same routine, in the same way the excuses for not practicing are reduced to a minimum since it can be done both outdoors and in a closed place, which allows the choice of the most suitable or preferred site for its practice.

On the other hand, the acronym TRX has been used in different models of soccer cleats of the Adidas brand, such as: TRX FG.

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