Meaning of Tulip

What is Tulip:

As tulip we designate a herbaceous plant, of the Liliaceae family, popular for its six-petalled flower, large and globose, with a bell shape, appreciated all over the world for its beauty and the vivacity of its colors.

The word tulip, as such, is derived from Turkish tülbent, which means 'turban'. This plant was so designated because of the similarity of the flower when it is closed with this type of headdress.

Tulips are plants with a bulbous root and smooth stem. They have large, radical and lanceolate leaves. Its flower is born at the top of the stem during spring. In its capsule-shaped fruit are the seeds. There are more than 150 species of tulips around the world, not counting hybrids.

As such, the tulip has been cultivated since the 11th century as an ornamental plant in Anatolia, present-day Turkey. From this region it passed to Al-Andalus, a region of Spain that today corresponds to the territory of Andalusia. From there it became popular due to its beauty, and its cultivation spread throughout Europe.

Currently, the tulip is cultivated throughout the world, especially in France, Holland and Japan, and exploited commercially as a garden plant, due to the beauty and diversity of colors of its flowers, which can range from red, to pink, through yellow, white, blue, purple, orange, fuchsia, among others.

Today this flower is considered a symbol of Holland. Also, countries like Iran or Turkey consider it a national symbol.

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