Tweet Meaning

What is Tweet:

A tweet or tweet is a publication or status update made on the platform of microblogging known as Twitter. As such, a tweet is a message whose length is limited to 140 characters. It can contain letters, numbers, signs and links.

Tweets can also contain hashtags or tags, which allow you to establish the topic or focus that you intend to give to the publication, or relate it to a topic of conversation that is in the trending topic or trends of the moment.

The word tweet comes from English, and could be translated into Spanish as trill, chirp or twitter, alluding to the sound that birds make. Hence, the Twitter brand icon is a little bird. In Spanish the phonetic adaptation of the tweet is correct. The word trill can also be used.

Terms related to the world of Twitter are tweeter (user), the verb tweet or trill, to designate the action of making a publication on Twitter; tweet, to refer to the action and effect of tweeting. You can also talk about retweet or retweet, which is the action of tweeting a message from another user, and retweeting, to indicate the action and effect of retweeting. The retweet must be done explicitly by accompanying the text with the abbreviation RT.

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