Meaning of Ubiquity

What is Ubiquity:

Ubiquity is known as the faculty that a certain person presents to be present in two different places and at the same time. The word ubiquity is of Latin origin "locate" What does it mean "everywhere".

In the realm of theology, the term ubiquity refers to the divine gift, which God possesses, to be everywhere at the same time. In the branch of religion, ubiquity is a feminine noun that is used to convey omnipresence, and this quality is attributed today to certain miraculous saints who, like God, have the ability to be in more than one place at the same time.

The term ubiquity is used as a synonym for omnipresence, universality, generality, and so on. The term ubiquitous is not only applied to all those people who want to witness everything and live in continuous movement, but also to microorganisms that can be anywhere: water, soil, or air.

On the other hand, in the field of zoology, ubiquity is one that can be found in all geographic areas, such as: algae.

In the same way, data transmission networks and information and communication technologies can be considered as ubiquitous, by virtue of the fact that internet, television and mobile communication signals are dispersed throughout all territories and are available everywhere. moment.

In English, the term ubiquity is "Ubiquity".

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