Meaning of Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu:

It is known as ubuntu to the African philosophy whose meaning reflects "Humanity towards others". The word comes from the Zulu and Xhosa languages.

Ubuntu is seen as a way of life focused on respect, loyalty and care for people and their relationships with the community. For Africans, ubuntu is the human capacity to understand, accept, and treat others well, being similar to God's commandments to love others as oneself.

As such, an ubuntu person seeks generosity, solidarity and compassion with those in need, without the individuals themselves not allowing themselves to look after themselves, but their actions allowing the well-being of the community. The teachings of ubuntu serve as acceptance, union and cooperation of one another.

Finally, the ubuntu philosophy was one of the fundamental principles of the Republic of South Africa after the apartheid regime to achieve nation-building through the strengthening of economic and social ties between members of the community.

For more information, see the article philosophy.

Ubuntu (Linux)

Ubuntu - created by the South African Mark Shuttleworth - is an operating system focused on electronic devices, built from the Linux kernel (Linux Kernel). Ubuntu is a GNU / Linux distribution, released in 2004 by the Canonical company.

It is noteworthy, the name Ubuntu comes from the African philosophy, in which his project reflects the ideology that seeks to help and serve the community for its progress and improvement.

Ubuntu is characterized by its main advantages such as:

  • Free, it can be downloaded for free to start enjoying the package of programs it offers. Notably, it earns income through services, such as technical service.
  • Free system based on Debian and follows the rules of open software, so it can be used on any electronic device without any restriction on its license.
  • It simplifies the handling of electronic devices for personal or professional purposes.
  • It includes a set of programs such as: pidgin for instant messaging (msn, yahoo, gtalk), web browser, office automation, audio / video, games, image (retouching), thunderbird, text editing programs, among others.
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