Meaning of UEFA

What is UEFA:

UEFA stands for Union of European Football Associations, which in Spanish translates ‘Union of European Football Associations’. As such, it is the confederation that brings together the national football associations of Europe. It is the highest governing body of football in the old continent.

Currently, UEFA has 54 registered associations. It is in charge of organizing the European soccer championships, at all levels and modalities, both female and male. In addition, it establishes the regulations, controls, awards and television rights related to the competitions.

Among the best known tournaments that it organizes are the Eurocup, the Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, among others.

UEFA was founded in 1954. Its headquarters were initially in Paris, until it moved to Bern in 1959, and later, in 1995, to Nyon, Switzerland.

It is one of the six FIFA confederations, along with CAF, Concacaf, Conmebol, AFC, and OFC. Due to its economic power and media presence, it is one of the most powerful confederations in the world of football.

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