Ultimatum Meaning

What is Ultimatum:

An ultimatum is a final and final resolution made in the course of a negotiation. As such, the word comes from the Latin ultimatum, neutral termination of ultimātus.

In this sense, the ultimatum supposes the final demand to a series of previous requests that have not been satisfied. Hence, it is an imperative requirement, as it strictly urges the other party to comply with the request within a generally short period of time. If the other party does not comply with what is required, it is implicit that there will be no future negotiations and that the threats or sanctions stipulated as stated in the ultimatum will be complied with.

The ultimatum, then, is intended to exhort the other party to do or stop doing something, generally under the warning that their actions will lead to a series of consequences later on.

Ultimatums, as such, may be used for legal or illegal purposes, and may or may not be accepted by the party in question, depending on the reasonableness and judgment of the parties and the nature of the request.

Colloquially, the term is used for extreme situations, where some last requirement is made before unleashing a series of sanctioning measures. For example: "Gloria was given an ultimatum: if she does not pass the final exam, her scholarship will be suspended."

During the consummation of crimes, such as kidnapping or extortion, the figure of the ultimatum is usually used to warn of the consequences of not complying with the requirements demanded by the criminals, which generally means a threat to the life of the victim. .

Ultimatum in diplomacy

In diplomacy, the ultimatum is a final resolution, communicated in writing, where one State warns another of the consequences of acting or failing to act in a certain way. An ultimatum, in this sense, can precede a declaration of war, a sanction, a trade embargo, or the application of a series of trade restrictions.

Ultimatum in Law

In the field of Law, in a legal proceeding, the ultimatum may refer to the requirement to accept an agreement proposed by the accusatory party to the defense, or, on the contrary, it may refer to the imminence of a trial.

Ultimatum in Commerce

In the business world, for its part, the ultimatum can refer to the fact that, in the course of a negotiation, the buying party accepts a certain price or purchase conditions, or totally renounces the transaction.

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