Meaning of Update

What is Update:

The word update comes from the English language which means "update", "modernize". The term update is deeply related to technology, since it is used to update software, operating systems, computer programs, games, among others.

The update consists of searching for more recent information or data. The update can be achieved by means of the individual or by the software themselves, automatically, as is the case of updating certain programs that are carried out daily, weekly, or monthly, such as: the antivirus.

The term update refers to small changes, such as small updates or corrections, to operating systems and installation of patches, without the need to change it. The update is necessary and essential to achieve a better operation in the device, device, and applications.

Update and upgrade

The upgrade is used to update hardware, software or firmware, for a recent or higher version, as well as: the motherboard, network card, processors, among others. The upgrade updates for a better version, such as: the Windows update for the new version and, along with it, brings an improvement, with new functions and an increase in existing ones.

The key question to know if you are talking about update or upgrade, is to know if the update brought an improvement or advantage with the update, if the answer is positive, without a doubt you are talking about upgrade, otherwise, you are talking about update.

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