Meaning of Upgrade

What is Upgrade:

Upgrade is synonymous with update, improvement, amplification, modernization, therefore, it can be said that the term upgrade is an update on the computer for a more recent version of a certain product.

In general, the term under study is used in the area of ​​computer science and electronic equipment, which refers to the change of a hardware, software, firmware for a better or more recent version in order to obtain more useful functions or improve existing systems.

Similarly, the term upgrade is related to the purchase of new laptops, change of parts and patch. In the computing area, the upgrade has several genres or subgenres, it depends on the functionality that the user intends to achieve with the upgrade, for example: the software can undergo an upgrade in order to implement a new function, performance update, updates that change the version or the product, as well as, to correct system or security failures, audio files consists of the substitution of one file for another for a higher and better quality encoding.

An upgrade has small risks during the process since it does not interfere with the operations of the software, but on the contrary, it increases its performance.

The term upgrade means to increase and, although it should only be used in the area of ​​computing and electronic devices, nowadays they are used to refer to tourism, this consists of requesting a plus or improvement in the services that The travelers will enjoy during their stay, for example: regarding the reservation of a room, the client can request an upgrade, this means giving the client a better service or product than the one contracted, for example: the quietest room in the hotel , room with jacuzzi, room with sea view, among other options that will lead to customer loyalty.

The antonym of upgrade is downgrade.

Upgrade and Update

The update means to modernize, to update, it is related in the informatics area to update software, programs, computer games, among others. The update can be carried out by the user or software automatically, as with antivirus that are updated weekly, monthly, daily.

The update is updating programs, operating systems and installing patches without having to change it. While the upgrade is upgrade but generally there are changes in the technology and in the version.

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