Meaning of Vademecum

What is Vademecum:

Vademecum is a reference work in a simple, small and portable format. It can be translated as "pocket manual".

A formulary is also a complete catalog for consultation in any area. The best known formulations are medical, pharmacological, scientific and literary.

The word vademecum comes from the Latin words wade which means "to come" and the word mecum which means "with me", translating as "come with me", which refers to its portable and necessary format.

Vademecum has as synonyms: guide, compendium, manual or memorandum.

The most popular formulary is the pharmaceutical or drug formulary, which registers all the medicines available in a given country, their dosages and active ingredients.

The formulary is important because it is a reference guide with updated data and information necessary for the professional in the area.

With the growth of drug markets, formulary cards in this area are extremely important in keeping prescribers up-to-date.

When using a virtual formulary, that is, online, the sources of the information must be taken into account and never considered as an autonomous means to prescribe drugs but rather as a complement for the professional with the necessary knowledge to interpret them.

Today the pharmaceutical product formulations already have mobile applications available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

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