Neighbor Meaning

What is Neighbor:

A neighbor is a person who lives in a specific place or in relative proximity to other people or places. In this way, neighbors to each other can be considered people who live in the same town, the same street, neighborhood or building: “José has moved to another building and is now Marta's neighbor”. The word, in this sense, comes from the Latin vicīnus, which in turn derives from vicus, and means ‘neighborhood’, ‘place’.

Being a neighbor in a locality supposes a legal status, this means that the person who lives or has his house in a locality, enjoys a set of rights for being an inhabitant of that place, but in turn is also subject to a series of obligations, such as paying taxes, observing ordinances imposed by the municipality, among other things. In this sense, they are synonymous with resident, resident, domiciled or resident neighbor.

On the other hand, when a group of neighbors gathers around administrative units to attend and manage the needs and interests of the neighborhood communities, these are known as neighborhood associations or boards.

In the old regime, in Spain, the population unit used to carry out censuses for tax reasons was designated as a neighbor. In this sense, a neighbor was a family unit, and for each family unit there were usually four or five inhabitants.

Likewise, neighbors are also things or objects that are relatively close to each other: "Neighbor to the main room, there is a bathroom." In the same way, geographical proximity means that two places are in a neighborhood situation: “Mexico's neighboring countries are the United States, Belize and Guatemala”. In this sense, neighbor is an adjective that can mean adjoining, contiguous, close or close.

Neighbor, on the other hand, can also refer to what is similar, similar or coinciding with something else: "They are political allies, because their interests are neighbors."

In English, the word neighbor can be translated as neighbor, noun that refers to ‘that person who lives nearby’. Likewise, when it refers to a neighbor as an inhabitant or resident of a place, it can be translated as resident. On the other hand, if it is used as an adjective to refer to something that is close or contiguous, it can be translated as, adjacent, next to, near, or nerby. Finally, when the adjective neighbor is used in the sense of resemblance, it can be translated as Similary.

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