Meaning of Vegan

What is Vegan:

Vegan is an adjective for foods and processed products that do not contain elements of the animal kingdom such as meat, butter, wool, eggs, dairy or leather or of animal origin such as honey or jellies.

Vegan is also called a person who follows a food diet without products of animal origin called a vegan diet.

Veganism is a lifestyle against animal abuse and exploitation and not just a diet for health reasons.

The benefits of a vegan diet are that many saturated fats and bad cholesterol are avoided, but as a lifestyle care must be taken to balance all aspects of the diet, taking care of the levels of iron, calcium, protein and vitamin B-12.

Differences between vegan and vegetarian

The vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, on the other hand, a vegan person in addition to not eating meat does not eat dairy, eggs or anything that is of animal origin.

The main difference is that vegetarian is a type of diet and vegan is a protest and a lifestyle.

The term strict vegan should not exist but it is used to differentiate itself from vegetarian and to clarify that it is not only a vegan diet but also a lifestyle that does not include in its daily life any product of animal origin such as leather shoes, fur coats, wool purses or bags, feather blankets, etc.

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