Sale Meaning

What is the sale:

Sale is an action that is generated from selling a good or service in exchange for money. Sales can be done personally, by mail, by phone, among other means.

The term sale is of Latin origin "venditaโ€, Past participle ofโ€œI will sellโ€. Among the synonyms that can be used in relation to this word are business, transaction or resale. As antonyms the words purchase or profit can be mentioned.

The word sale has different meanings depending on the context in which it is applied. Sale can refer to an object or service that is available to the public, which means that it is not yet sold, therefore, it is for sale.

It can also indicate a completed operation, that is, the buyer fulfilled his obligation to pay the agreed price and the seller has already transferred what was sold.

In legal purposes, the sale originates through a contract known as a sale, by virtue of which a good or service is transferred to someone else's domain for a previously agreed price.

The contract of sale is composed of personal, real and formal elements in order to establish the parties and their obligations and indicate the price and characteristics of the good or service for sale, which is why it is determined as a bilateral contract.

Finally, said contract must be presented before a Public Registry or Notary for it to acquire legal validity.

See also Contract.

On the other hand, sale can also refer to the total or approximate amount of products or services sold. For example, "The sale of electronic devices this month was greater than 500".

It is important that in a business or company the total of net sales is taken into account, which are the total sum of all sales, in cash or on credit, less returns, bonuses, discounts and rebates, in this way it can be obtained the economic performance of a given period.

Formerly the word for sale was used to refer to the house or inn established on the roads or uninhabited places to provide lodging and food for travelers.

In some countries, such as Chile, the word for sale refers to a small shop where food is sold and, which is installed in fairs or squares for a limited time, generally a special event.

Sales and Marketing

The terms marketing and sales should not be confused. Marketing consists of analyzing the behavior of markets and consumers in order to attract and retain customers.

On the other hand, the sale is the relationship between consumer and seller to inform, persuade and convince the customer and, in this way, to be able to generate the business, that is, the sale of the product or service.

Neither should the terms sale and barter be associated, the latter consists of the exchange of one thing for another, instead, the sale is the commercialization of a product or service for money.

Types of sale

There are different types of sales such as direct or home sales, personal selling, online selling, cross selling, retail selling, among others.

Direct sale or domicile

Direct sale or domicile is the marketing of goods and services directly to consumers through personal contact with a representative of the company.

Such contact can occur in the workplace, at home or between other spaces outside the business establishment.

This sale consists of the seller approaching the place combined with the buyer, to demonstrate the characteristics of the product and close the negotiation.

However, through direct sales it can be evidenced in a personal sale, since it is the immediate communication between the sales representative and the buyer.

Sales representatives are responsible for demonstrating the product and relating it to the buyer's need. The personal sale is a powerful tool because it allows to persuade the client, clarify doubts and specify or close the sale of the product or service.

Direct selling is an activity that has been developed for centuries when merchants were in charge of touring the different populated centers in search of their clientele.

Online sale

The online sale or virtual store consists of exposing the products or services of a company on a web page, so that users know them and, if they are interested, make the purchase online by paying, either through credit or debit card.

Then, once the purchase is made, you only have to wait for the delivery of the merchandise at the place specified by the customer.

Wholesale or retail

Wholesale sales consist of buying goods in bulk from the supplier, in order to be resold for a higher price and to make a profit on the sale.

In turn, retail sales, known as retail sales, consist of the sale of services and products to end consumers for their personal use.

Retail sales are carried out in all stores or businesses that are located in urban centers selling goods or services directly to the public, for example, supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, among others.

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