Meaning of Versatile

What is Versatile:

The synonyms of the word versatile are: variable, changeable, changeable, unstable, transformable, among others. Therefore, versatile is any person or thing that has the ability to transform easily, which tends to change under certain circumstances. The term versatile is of Latin origin "Versatilis”.

In the world of work, they take into account in addition to professionalism and among other characteristics, the versatility of an individual since the company has the security of having a worker with the ability to adapt in various areas, despite not having their own experience of Each one, the important thing is the commitment, effort, the will to learn and to do a good job in each suggested role.

In reference to the above, it happens in the same way in sports, in music, in acting, among other areas, it is the search for people who can adapt to different circumstances or activities, for example: a versatile player is one who can play in 3 positions, a versatile singer or actress possesses the ability to play different artists.

However, the term versatile can also be used with a pejorative sense towards a person since it indicates that he or she has a changing attitude, humor or character, for example: “your friend is very versatile, every day she has a different opinion about the topic".

Also, the versatile expression is something that has agility or that moves very easily, for example: a car. Versatile materials are synonymous with polyvalent, that is, they can be used for different purposes, for example: wood can be used for the production of different types of goods, PVC is a plastic that is used to make toys, products for pharmaceutical industries. , plastic bottles, among others.

In the area of ​​botany, the versatile expression refers to the antenna that, being preyed upon by a filament, oscillates at all times.

In the area of ​​zoology, versatile is the characteristic of birds for their toes that can move and turn from side to side as desired by the animal.

The antonyms of the word versatile are: immutable, constant, sure, fixed, firm, and so on.

The versatile term in English is "Versatile".

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