Meaning of Life

What is life:

The term life comes from Latin vita and it has several meanings. It can mean both the space of time that elapses from the moment of conception, some moment of gestation, or from birth to death, which can be of an entity or of a being, of a body or of an organism, such as the be itself. It can also mean a phenomenon that animates and gives life to matter; the existence and capacity of living beings to develop, reproduce and maintain themselves in an environment; the duration of the objects; and also the mode or set of activities or actions, means and the processes of relationships to live. To have life, a living being needs to grow, metabolize, move, reproduce or not, and respond to external stimuli.

Life has a great characteristic that is offspring, the ability that a life form has to generate offspring that are more or less similar to their parents, and even with some characteristics of their own. This change characterizes evolution. Here we find the study of genetics. Genetic material is mainly made up of DNA and RNA.

The origin of life has been explained through many theories, including astronomers, biologists, astrophysicists, and religionists. Some say that microbial life is the most widespread in the Earth's crust, and in various places deep in the oceans. Life is based on carbon and the energy that is obtained by the presence of free oxygen in the air or by reducing compounds such as sulfates, etc.

The existence of life elsewhere in the Universe is still unknown, with the exception of fossil evidence of possible bacterial life on Mars. Through NASA's Spirit and Opportunity spacecraft, the theory has emerged that Mars had water on its surface in the past.

Life, according to some religions, is the state of the soul and spirit after death. Life is also the union of the soul with the body, there is the life of the body, which is mortal, and the life of the soul, which is eternal.

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