Meaning of Vigorexia

What is Vigorexia:

Vigorexia or muscular dysmorphia is a mental disorder that leads people who suffer from it to become obsessed with physical imperfections, so much so that it can reach a pathological level.

Vigorexia can also be known as Adonis complex or reverse anorexia. In cases of anorexia, people have an inordinate concern about their weight and show off a slim figure, in vigorexia it is the opposite, the greatest concern is not to look weak or too weak.

It should be noted that vigorexia is a much more common distortion in men than in women, and develops between 18 to 35 years of age.

See also Anorexia.

Those who suffer from vigorexia feel and consider themselves weak and small, they have a distorted image of themselves. For this reason, they become obsessed and modify both their eating habits and their physical exercise routines, which increase in high intensity.

In many cases of vigorexia, people can put their health and family and social relationships at risk, since they spend most of their time exercising and have very strict eating habits.

Vigorexia can also generate negative thoughts towards those who suffer from it, consequently the individual withdraws from their environment and leaves their social groups, they can even stop working to dedicate themselves exclusively to physical care.

On the other hand, eating habits change radically, people with vigorexia have a diet low in fat, high in protein and carbohydrates, which they supplement with various substances such as steroids, hormones and anabolics to accelerate physical changes.

However, excessive exercise, strict diets plus unsupervised medication, can develop serious health conditions in the future that can endanger people's lives.

See also Disorder.

Causes of vigorexia

There are various causes and personal, family and social factors that can generate vigorexia, so the most common ones are presented below.

  • Intimidation and teasing by other people regarding our physique.
  • Hormonal and physiological disorders.
  • Have a personality with perfectionist and obsessive characteristics.
  • Living in a dysfunctional and disharmonious family environment for which due attention is not paid to the needs of family members.
  • Having the wrong idea of ​​what a healthy and physically fit body should look like aesthetically.
  • The media, advertisements, movies, magazines, among others, tend to constantly show the public toned and slender bodies, which leads others to want to copy these physical patterns without considering the consequences on their health.

Symptoms of vigorexia

People with vigorexia may have the following symptoms:

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Take note of your weight on a daily basis.
  • Perform strict workouts on a daily basis.
  • People put aside their activities and social relationships by constantly exercising.
  • Worship the body.
  • Modified eating habits. Foods low in fat but high in carbohydrates and proteins are eaten.
  • They add steroid and anabolic products to their diets.
  • They are constantly observed in the mirror to verify their physical this and, even, reproach themselves for their "imperfections".
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