Meaning of Christmas Carol

What is Christmas Carol:

The Christmas carol is a popular and traditional musical composition of religious or spiritual significance that is customary to sing during the Christmas festivities.

Christmas carols are sung in various languages ​​such as English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and especially in Spanish. Among the most popular Christmas carols are "Silent Night", "The drummer", "Bell on bell", Jingle bells, Or holly night, All i want for Christmas is you, Douce nuit, among many others.

Christmas carols have a profane origin, formerly they were popular songs that peasants or villains (villagers) composed and sang about the most remarkable events or news of the moment.

There is also research that affirms that Christmas carols are lyrical compositions derived from Mozarabic songs of the 11th century.

However, these musical compositions became popular and in the middle of the 15th century they were associated with religious themes and more specifically towards Christmas in order to promote evangelization.

Hence, generally, churches or parishes have choral groups to sing Christmas carols both at masses and in the streets, so that people are integrated into the song and the experience of sharing and meeting other people. This has given a popular and traditional value to Christmas carols.

Now, the structure of the veros of the Christmas carols is very variable and characteristic of the Castilian lyric. That is to say, its verses have an indefinite number of syllables, therefore, it lacks a fixed form.

However, this structure has been modified and adapted to the rhyme and meter of the different languages ​​in which Christmas carols are sung.

It should be noted that Christmas carols have become a very important religious and spiritual element because through them part of the essence of Christmas can be reflected.

Consequently, it is very common that famous singers or artists are constantly seen and heard on Christmas Eve performing traditional Christmas carols or new versions of these, and encouraging the tradition of their songs.

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