Meaning of Vintage

What is Vintage:

Vintage It is an English word that is used to refer to something belonging to a bygone era that, despite being ancient, cannot properly be classified as antiquity.

In this sense, the term vintage It can be used to refer to all kinds of objects, accessories, garments, clothes, designs, instruments, among others, that are at least two decades old and yet are in good condition.

In this way, things vintage Not only are they old, but because of their history, significance, aesthetic value, functionality or uniqueness, they have a value that transcends their merely utilitarian or decorative meaning.

For this reason, there are also many people who purchase items vintage, not for the purpose of using them, but to have them as part of your private collections of rare and ancient objects.

It should be noted that sometimes articles vintage they can have a high price or value depending on their history, creator or state of conservation.

In English, the word vintage originally it was used to refer to the year or place of a wine harvest, especially when it was about those obtained from the best harvests.

Hence, its use has become widespread to refer not only to wines, but to any kind of high-quality product or object from the past. In Spanish, we can pronounce the word as "vintich".

Style vintage

Today's style vintage enjoys enormous popularity. There are those who decorate their home with antique furniture and motifs, those who wear dresses and accessories in fashion from other times, and even those who celebrate their wedding with suits and dresses from bygone times.

The style vintage determines the fashion trends of a large number of people both in their clothing, hairstyles and makeup, is part of giving a touch of creativity and recreating what was considered ancient.

For example, there are many famous people who like style vintage and they are fashion icons.

Among the most notable advantages of the style vintage in fashion, there is the opportunity to reuse well-preserved objects of special value.

For this reason, for example, there are many decorations in which you can see furniture, shelves, among other objects. vintage that give a special and original touch between modern and old.

Vintage and retro

It vintage It differs from retro because while retro tries to imitate or evoke style or trends from the past, it is, however, a current creation.

For his part, vintage It genuinely belongs to the past, has been created, designed and produced in the past, and as such is in good condition and has intrinsic aesthetic value.

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