Meaning of domestic violence

What is Domestic Violence:

Intra-family violence is called the type of violence that occurs between members of a family, and that can take place in the domestic environment or outside it.

In this sense, intrafamily violence occurs when situations of abuse or mistreatment occur between related people, either by consanguinity or by affinity.

As such, we can say that an episode of domestic violence has occurred when damage has been caused to the emotional, psychological or physical integrity of a person.

The most common types of violence that take place in a family are those from parents to children and those from husbands to women, although they can also occur in reverse, or involve other relatives, such as uncles, cousins ​​or grandparents.

The causes that motivate domestic violence are varied, although it generally occurs as a way of imposing power, authority or control on a family member.

In situations of violence there are always two roles: that of the aggressor and that of the victim. The aggressor is the person who imposes his authority, physical force or power to mistreat another member of the family. A past of domestic violence is usually recognized in the personality of the aggressor, which he repeats when he forms his own family.

In this sense, there are three basic types of domestic violence:

  • The psychological, which is one that includes episodes of verbal abuse, humiliation, intimidation, threats and contempt. Its consequences are psychological and emotional damage, such as depression, anxiety or social isolation.
  • Physical violence, which is one that involves the use of force, and can lead to blows, wounds, bruises, burns or fractures. Depending on the severity, injuries caused by physical violence may require medical attention.
  • Sexual violence, which is the type of violence that can lead to situations of sexual abuse, which means that a person is forced to maintain any type of contact or sexual relationship. It is a very serious type of aggression, which compromises the emotional stability of the person who suffers it.

Domestic violence is more common than we might think, which is due to the fact that a large number of people who suffer it do not dare to report it, either because they are misinformed about their rights, or because they believe they deserve it. In this sense, it is important to create information campaigns that prevent and raise awareness in the population in relation to domestic violence and its consequences, so that those who are being victims of a situation of abuse within their family are encouraged to report. In addition, there is a set of legal sanctions for those who commit this type of violence.

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