Vocation Meaning

What is Vocation:

The vocation is the inclination that a person feels to dedicate himself to a way of life, and can be related to both the professional (work, career) and the spiritual. The word, as such, comes from Latin voice, vocatiōnis, which means 'call action'.

Many aspects intervene in our vocation: our tastes and interests, the things that comfort us and cause us curiosity, the skills that we have or that we have learned, as well as our personality, our way of being and acting, of assuming and facing things .

Hence, based on everything previously mentioned, the vocation points towards what we want to do and achieve as individuals in this life, towards what gives us satisfaction and gives meaning to our lives.

Thus, when we find our vocation, we can better understand who we are, what we want, where we are going and what we are useful for.

In religion, on the other hand, the vocation is the divine call that some people feel to dedicate their lives to religious service, such as, for example, the priesthood.

Synonyms of vocation would be inclination, propensity, tendency, aptitude or calling.

In English, the word vocation can be translated as vocation. For instance: "The young man proved his political vocation”(The young man demonstrated his political vocation).

Professional vocation

It is called a professional vocation that a person feels about starting a career, profession or trade before even having the necessary rudiments for its exercise. As such, it has no age to manifest itself. Ideally, it will occur prior to entering college. However, today many schools or institutions provide vocational guidance (tests, consultations, exams) to young people to help them discover the things for which they manifest interests and aptitudes.

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