Meaning of Volante

What is Volante:

The word flyer is used in different ways, the most common use refers to a printed paper, no larger than half a page, whose content is precise and can be informative, advertising or even invite to question any topic about a product or service .

This type of steering wheel is also known as flyer and it is usually distributed directly to people or can be displayed on the reception balconies of commercial premises, hotels, medical centers and even educational ones.

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Steering wheel

Another very widespread use is that of the steering wheel, which refers to the control command that directs a vehicle during its trajectory. All land vehicles, from the lightest to the heaviest, have a steering wheel.

However, other types of transport also have a steering wheel, such as small boats, which are also called a rudder.

The purpose of the steering wheel is that people who drive a vehicle can transmit the steering movement to the wheels and thus drive on the road as indicated by the road signs.

There are different types of steering wheels according to their designs, functions and the type of vehicle for which they were conceived.

There are also different video game consoles that, among their various accessories, include a steering wheel, very similar to that of a vehicle, which is used as a complement to these and make the experience and simulation of racing games more real and attractive. For the users.

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The flywheel is a heavy, cogwheel that sits next to the crankshaft. Its purpose is to oppose sudden accelerations during a rotary movement in order to smooth the flow of energy between a power source and its load and to allow the storage of kinetic energy.

In vehicles, the flywheel allows energy to be absorbed while braking and then available during acceleration.

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Flyer in football

In football, for its part, among the positions of the players that make up a team, is the position of midfielder. The midfielder is that player who, generally, is located in the center of the field and who directs the plays forward, backward or to the right or left band depending on the play to be made.

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