Meaning of Voracious

What is Voracious:

The word voracious is an adjective that designates any individual or animal that devours, that eats greedily. On the other hand, the term voracious can be understood as someone who demands a quantity of food, for example: “he has a voracious appetite”.

The term voracious classifies someone as greedy, insatiable, devouring, hungry who consumes something with great will. In the first place, voracity is related to the greed to eat, it is a word used to classify an individual or animal with a great appetite, such as: “the voracity of wolves”.

The term voracious, as indicated above, has a strong link with that individual who devours, and sometimes the term under study can be used without being related to food but to something else. As is the case, of the voracious reader, with the intention of indicating that that individual loves to read, it is his main hobby, and he devours or eats books one after another.

However, to the above it must be added that the word voracious is synonymous with anxious, ambitious, greedy, intense. Consequently, it can be pointed out to a person who has a desire to obtain something, and uses all his effort to achieve it.

In a figurative sense, voracious can refer to something that causes destruction or rapidly consumes, for example: “the voracious fire consumed the entire forest”.

The voracious algorithm, also called voracious or avid algorithm, is the one put into practice in optimization and decision-making problems, it is a very simple method that consists of choosing the optimal option, without taking into account the consequences that this choice may cause in a future to reach a favorable solution.

On the other hand, voraciously is an adverb in such a way that it qualifies a voracious attitude, as well as something that happens quickly and impetuously, for example: “children open the gifts of Saint Nicholas voraciously”.

Finally, the antonyms of voracious are delicate, educated, moderate, measured, among others.

Regarding its origin, the term voracious is of Latin origin "voracious", composed of the verb "Vorare" which means "to eat" and the suffix "-Ax" that expresses "feraz or biting."

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