Whatever Meaning

What is Whatever:

Whatever It is an anglicism that is often used in the Hispanic language as a synonym for "whatever" or "whatever."The term comes from the English language, in which it serves as a pronoun, adjective, adverb or interjection.

In Spanish, the word whatever it is used colloquially in different senses. One of them is to indicate that an aspect within a conversation is not relevant or that it is only a descriptive detail to reinforce an idea.

For example: "At the party there was everything to eat: cheese table, cold cuts, sushi bar, meats, gratins, salads, desserts, whatever". In this context, whatever means something like: "Anyway ... there was of everythingIn this way, the speaker implies that the emphasis of the message is in the first part of the sentence and not in the details that he has offered.

It is also used to show a lack of interest in a conversation or an interpellation. In this sense, the word indicates a certain degree of indifference, and can be taken as "I don't want to know", "I'm not paying attention." "I don't care" or "I'm not interested."

Another attributed meaning is "whatever you say", "whatever you want" or "it doesn't matter." For instance:

- Do you want white or whole wheat bread?
- Whatever.

Whatever in English grammar

In the context of the English language, the word whatever used as a pronoun can be translated as "whatever", "all that ..." or "anything". For instance: You can choose whatever you like (You can choose what you want); "Whatever it takes" (whatever is needed).

As an adjective, it can be translated as "any" or "anyone". You can to pick an ice-cream of whatever flavor (You can choose an ice cream of any flavor).

As an adverb, it has the meaning of "independently". Whatever your fear, you must move on (Regardless of your fears, you must move on.)

As an interjection, it is equivalent to the expression "As you wish!".

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