WhatsApp meaning

What is WhatsApp:

"WhatsApp" is a play on words between the English phrase "What" s up? " used in colloquial language as a greeting ("What's up?" or "How's it going?") and the diminutive app from the english word application ("application", used in this case as software for mobile phones). The full name of this mobile phone application is WhatsApp Messenger.

In the Spanish-speaking world, it is common to find people who refer to this program in a simplified way as "wasap" or even "guasap". In colloquial language, the name "WhatsApp" is also used to refer to a message sent or received through this program. For example "I have sent you a WhatsApp".

WhatsApp allows the exchange of written messages, icons, photos, videos and voice messages over the internet. It is developed by the company WhatsApp Inc., created in 2009 and belongs to the company Facebook Inc. since February 2014.

It is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Symbian and Windows Phone although some minimum requirements are needed and it is not available for all models. WhatsApp can be downloaded for free from a mobile phone through this link. It has a free trial period of one year. During or at the end of this period you can continue using this application by paying an annual fee.

WhatsApp has become popular worldwide and currently has more than 400 million active users. However, it has also experienced some security and privacy issues. As an alternative, there are programs similar to WhatsApp such as LINE and Viber.

WhatsApp or SMS

The traditional SMS messaging system, compared to WhatsApp, has fewer features and a higher cost, in addition to having a limited number of characters. On the other hand, SMS are always available as long as you have GSM coverage, compared to the limitation of WhatsApp that needs a 3G data rate or Wi-Fi connection. The most basic mobile phones can send and receive SMS messages but cannot use WhatsApp.

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