Meaning of Wifi

What is Wifi:

Wifi is a wireless communication technology that allows electronic equipment, such as computers, tablets, smartphones or cell phones, etc. to be connected to the Internet, through the use of radio frequencies or infrared for the transmission of information.

Wifi or Wi-Fi is originally an abbreviation of the trademark Wireless Fidelity, which in English means "wireless or wireless fidelity." In Spanish, it is advisable to write wifi without a hyphen, in lowercase and without italics. In addition, it can be used in the same way in masculine or feminine, depending on the preference and the context: the wifi (zone), the wifi (system).

In this sense, Wi-Fi technology is a computing solution that comprises a set of standards for wireless networks based on the IEEE 802.11 specifications, which ensures compatibility and interoperability in certified equipment under this name.

Wireless communication, as such, is one that dispenses with cables or visible physical means of propagation, and that, on the contrary, uses electromagnetic waves for its transmission, being that this, however, will be limited to a specific coverage radius.

See also Broadband.

For its operation, the Wi-Fi requires a computer (router or router) connected to the internet and equipped with an antenna, so that it in turn redistributes this signal wirelessly within a given radius. Receiving equipment that is within the coverage area, at the same time, must be equipped with devices compatible with Wi-Fi technology so that they can access the Internet. The closer the equipment is to the signal source, the better the connection.

In this sense, Wi-Fi technology allows the implementation of internet connection networks that benefit multiple users. Today, many public places, such as hotels, airports, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, universities, offices and hospitals, are equipped with hotspots They offer free or paid wifi connection.

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