Meaning of WLAN

What is WLAN:

It is known as WLAN to the English acronym for Wireless Local Area Network, which is Spanish means Wireless Local Area Network.

As such, WLAN is a type of network, used as an alternative to wired LAN, that uses radio frequency waves for data transmission and internet connection, without the need to use traditional cables to connect devices, allowing users greater mobility.

It is noteworthy that WLAN provided the use of wi-fi networks (Wireless fidelity), which allows the linking of computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and any other electronic device that has Internet access, as long as it is not very distant. from the access point.

The WLAN is gaining importance, and is used in different places, either in companies, homes. Likewise, nowadays they provide free or paid wi-fi service in restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and other places which allows an internet connection for all those who want it, and quick access to data in real time. .

The security of the WLAN network has improved in recent years, which requires user authentication, avoiding unauthorized access, and with data cryptography the protection and confidentiality of data transmitted over the network is sought.

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