Meaning of Word

What is Word:

Word is an English term that has several meanings. As a name, its most common translation in Spanish would be "word". It also means "order" or signal. "In certain contexts" word "can be translated as" promise "or" commitment. "Especially in the plural, it can refer to the text of a play.

In Computer Science, the basic unit of data in a computer.

As a verb, the term word means "to write". This word appears in Old English or Anglo-Saxon and comes from Proto-Germanic wurdan.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word (sometimes simply "Word") is software that enables the creation of documents on computer equipment. It is part of the Microsoft Office package, which influences various products such as PowerPoint or Excel, developed by the American company Microsoft Corporation.

Versions of this program are available for Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh, and UNIX. The free versions of this program are Microsoft Word Viewer and Office Online, although they have limited functions and features.

What is Microsoft Word for?

It is used mainly as a word processor to prepare documents such as articles, reports or letters, although it also allows working with images, tables and graphs, among others.

Some of the options it allows are to change the margins of a page, the font format (size, type and color, for example), correct spelling errors, suggest synonyms and insert headers and footers.

Word in Computer Science

This term is used to refer to a unit of information used in the computer world and made up of a fixed sequence of bits. In Spanish it is usually used as a "word". It is used in the design of computer architecture. Modern processors the size of "word" or "word" is usually 16, 32 and 64 bits. They are used, for example, for whole numbers, floating point numbers, or memory addresses.


WordPad is the name of a computer program developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a word processor, with basic functionalities. It is a limited tool compared to other programs such as Microsoft Word, although it is easier to use to create basic documents. The formats in which WordPad saves documents are ".doc", ", rtf" and ".txt".


WordArt is a function of Word available in Microsoft Office products in which you can create texts with different themes, sizes and fonts. This tool is very useful to create decorative effects to publications such as: text with shadow, symmetry, among others.

This tool is advantageous for those who are in charge of designing logos, t-shirts, special invitations or other documents.


WordPress is a content management system, a software that allows the creation of any type of website, although most users use it to create blogs. The WordPress application is characterized by being free, free, and especially by its easy and practical use.

Its creator is Matt Mullenweg.

Word up

The expression "word up"It is colloquial in character and is typical of the English of the United States of America. Sometimes it appears simply as"word". It has two possible meanings:

On the one hand, it could be translated as "understood" or "I agree". For instance: I said Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and she said: word up! ".

Secondly, "word up"It is a form of informal greeting. It is a transformation of the expression"What "s up?"which means" What's up? "or" What's up? "For example: "Word up guys, is everything ok?" ("What's up? Is everything okay?).

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