Meaning of Wysiwyg

What is Wysiwyg:

Wysiwyg is an acronym from the English expression What You See Is What You Get, which in Spanish translates 'what you see is what you get', used in the field of computing to designate the correspondence between what you see on the screen and its final result.

Wysiwyg is a tool that allows users who operate word processors, such as Microsoft Word or Writer, of Open Office, recognize on their screens the format of a document and what would be its printed version, while creating it.

Previously, word processors did not have this feature, and it made it difficult for the user to have an idea of ​​what the physical result, that is, printed, of their document would be.

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Currently, its field of application has extended to HTML or HTML5 editors, in web development, to graphic design programs and 3D architectural design. In fact, even the entertainment industry has used the tool wysiwyg to plan the lighting of musical concerts.

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