Meaning of XOXO

What is XOXO:

XOXO is an expression from English that means kisses and hugs, or kisses and hughs.

Although written in capital letters, XOXO is not an abbreviation or an acronym for an expression, but what is known as a visual acronym.

XOXO, in this sense, would come to represent a person with open arms with the X and with the O the shape of a mouth when kissing.

There are also those who say that in XOXO, on the other hand, the X symbolizes a kiss while the O is the arms of someone hugging another person.

Also, there are those who affirm that the letters, in fact, work by phonetic analogy with the word they represent. In this way, the X would come to mean kisses, and the O, hughs, according to the English pronunciation.

XOXO would be an informal and affectionate way to close a communication through email, SMS or text message or chat, as well as on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. For example: “Dinner will be on Saturday at 8:00 pm. I wait for you. XOXO ”.

This expression is usually said by pronouncing it as an acronym, according to its articulation in English, that is: X (eks) O (ou) X (eks) O (ou).

This expression has become popular in recent times thanks to the success and diffusion of the TV series Gossip girl, the song XO from Beyoncé or the film XOXO, 2016.

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