Meaning of Youtuber

What is Youtuber:

Youtuber, yutúber, youtubero or yutubero are terms that refer to the creators and managers of audiovisual content who use YouTube as their communication platform.

The term Youtuber is a neologism and anglicism that results from uniting the name of the YouTube platform with the English suffix "er", which indicates profession or trade.

Later appeared hispanization yutúber, as well as youtuber (simplified to yutubero), formed with the Spanish suffix "ero", which also indicates trade or profession.

The youtubers or yutuberos with the highest numbers of subscribers are considered influencers, that is, people who influence public opinion and, consequently, the market. The greater range of influence that youtubers falls on the so-called Generation Z and Millennials.

Origin and development of youtubers

Although the YouTube platform was launched on February 14, 2005, only months later the possibility of creating channels appeared and, a little later, of subscribing to them.

At first, YouTube was used as a platform for the exhibition of talent, which aroused the interest of the great producers of the cultural industry that created alliances with emerging artists. From there emerged, in fact, figures like Justin Bieber.

Little by little the youtubers as content creators. Unlike traditional social communicators, TV figures or the press controlled by corporate groups, the youtubers They gave the impression of being autonomous agents, by taking advantage of the horizontal structure of the Internet, where anyone can become a social communicator without being subject to third-party editorial policies.

Thus, the youtubers quickly gained the sympathy and credibility of their audiences, coming to be considered influencers. However, currently youtubers They are sponsored by large corporations and brands interested in having greater market penetration. This implies not only that they have become celebrities, but that many of them have entered the dynamics of the system.

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