Meaning of Yugo

What is Yugo:

The yoke is a wooden instrument or frame, which is placed on the necks of the oxen or mules, forming a union in yunta, so that both animals share the same route, weight and speed in the work of moving the plow or pole of the cart.

The word yoke derives from Latin iugum, which means "throat". This term can be replaced by the following synonyms: dominance, tyranny, burden, bondage, servitude.

The frame known as a yoke is characterized by being an elongated piece of wood which is adjusted to the neck of the oxen or mules in order to tie the rudder of the plow or the cart that they are going to pull.

This piece is placed and fits equally on both animals, one next to the other, so that both can do the same work.

However, the word yoke can have other meanings depending on the context in which it is used. That is, the word yoke can be used to refer to people who work together performing the same tasks and obligations, as for example, in the case of pack animals.

It is customary to use the word yoke to refer to those jobs or tasks that are considered heavy or arduous and that force people to be under the oppression and authoritarianism of others because of not having freedom to make decisions.

For example, "I am going to put my resignation, I am tired of the yoke of this job", "I am not going to work under the yoke of others".

In a metaphorical sense, a yoke is understood to be all those work, family and even marital relationships that are endured as a tie that generate discomfort.

For example, "I am moving because I do not want to continue living under the yoke of my parents", "Get out of that place and free yourself of that yoke".

That is, submitting under the dominion or authority of another person that generates annoyance and personal dissatisfaction.

Another context in which the term yoke is used arises when people who, for various reasons and bad experiences, refer to marriages as a burden, weight or tie that does not generate happiness but annoyance, disappointment and little solidarity between the couple.

For example, "I was not born to live under the yoke of marriage."

On the other hand, yugo is also a veil or cloth that the bride and groom wear during the nuptial mass, called vigils, in which the groom places the veil on his shoulders and the bride on his head. It is a tradition that takes place in some regions of Spain.

The yoke can also be understood as the horizontal curved heel that is located on the stern and, which is part of the stern of a ship.

In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčelectricity, the component that is placed on the neck of a cathode ray tube in order to deflect the electron beam is known as a yoke.

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