Meaning of Shoe

What is a Shoe:

A shoe is a type of footwear that does not exceed the ankle, composed of a sole (bottom) and the rest of another material, usually leather, fabric or synthetic materials. The word "footwear" can be used generically as a synonym for "shoe", but it is not very specific.

Origin of the word "shoe"

To explain the etymology of this word there are several theories. In some cases there is talk of a Turkish origin (zabata) or Arabic سباط (sabbat, marinated leather). In medieval Europe, variants of this word are collected in other languages: sapato (Portuguese), sabata (Catalan), save yourself (French), ciabatta (Italian)...

In English, the word shoe is said shoe.

Shoe history

The shoe, as a garment used to cover and protect the foot, has been used since Prehistory. The leather of animal skins was used especially. The first designs were basic and without sole, since they simply consisted of a single piece tied or fixed to the foot. In Ancient Egypt sandals were used, especially due to the climate, made of papyrus, straw and palm fiber.

The manufacture and use of shoes became popular, in such a way that some people were exclusively dedicated to their manufacture. In this way, shoemakers began to establish guilds during the Roman Empire.

The shoe has evolved and, in addition to its primarily practical function, it has also been given an aesthetic, orthopedic value and of identification with a group or social class. The materials, shapes and colors have changed depending on the natural resources of each area, the climatic characteristics, personal tastes and fashions.

Characteristics and types of shoes

In the most common designs, several parts can be distinguished: sole, insole, heel, instep and side.

Sometimes the shoes have a closure mechanism to adjust it to the foot. There are several types of closures such as buckles, laces, belcro, zippers or buttons.

Usually a distinction is made between men's and women's shoes. There are many models of shoes (sometimes these names are associated with brand names): moccasins, dancers, high heels, platform ...

Some footwear have some characteristic of their own that differentiates them from a shoe, for example: ankle boot, boot, clog, sandal, flip-flop, espadrille ... However, all of them are usually sold in shoe stores.

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