Meaning of Tsarism

What is Tsarism:

Tsarism was a political system that began in Russia from 1547 until the 1917 revolution. Tsarism spread to Serbia from 1346 to 1371 and to Bulgaria from 913 to 1396 and from 1908 to 1946.

The pressures with this type of regime did not take in producing, and later the Tsar Nicholas II (1868 - 1918), transformed the country into a constitutional monarchy, including a parliament. With the entry of Russia into the conflicts of the First World War, in 1914, it was one of the last power conflicts of the Tsar and the Russian population.

Tsar was the title given to the emperor or ruler, this term comes from the Latin fall. The title of Tsar was first adopted in Russia by Ivan IV as a symbol of the changing nature of the Russian monarchy in 1547.

The tsarist regime was quite similar to absolutism, that is, the Russian government did not provide the minimum conditions necessary for the establishment of industries, causing the economy to lag. The tsars were and proclaimed themselves "autocrats", that is, the owners of all political and economic power. The tsarist government had its national economy quite similar to feudalism, focused more on agriculture and the peasant classes.

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