Meaning of Zion

What is Zion:

Zion, Zion or Tzion (Tsiyyon) in Hebrew has the biblical meaning of promised land. Initially it was the name of the hill in the southeast of Jerusalem on which the city of King David was built. Mount Zion or Har Tziyyon in Hebrew, it later made reference to the promised land, the land of Israel, or Jerusalem itself. On Mount Zion there are some important places such as the tomb of King David, the Cenacle in which Jesus and his disciples celebrated the Last Supper, and the Chamber of the Holocaust (Martef hashoah).

The biblical meaning of the name Zion is used in religions such as Christianity, which believe that Zion is a sacred land dedicated to the faithful for a thousand years (Millennium) after Armageddon. Armageddon or Megiddo In Hebrew, it is a land where, according to the Bible in the book of Revelation, there will be a battle where the kings of the Earth will fight against the Lamb of God (Jesus) and will be defeated by Jesus Christ and his angels.

For followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Zion is the promised place for the Saints to dwell with Christ during the Millennium.

Zion can symbolize the longing of peoples for a safe land. And in a more spiritual sense, it can refer to spiritual home, heaven, or peace of spirit in a person's life.

Rastafari Movement

The Rastafari movement is a spiritual movement, whose deity is Jah, founded in Jamaica. Zion is a utopian place of unity, freedom and peace, as opposed to Babylon, which is the oppressive system of exploitation of the Western world. For Rastafarians, Zion is in Africa, in Ethiopia and reggae-Rastafarian music makes many references to Zion.

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