Meaning of Zopenco

What is Zopenco:

Zopenco is an adjective and colloquial noun that originates from the Latin word zopo. Dumb is a word that characterizes an ignorant person, who ignores, who knows nothing or who does not know, who has no education, who is stupid, stupid, clumsy or slow to learn, stupid, foolish and shows a lack of knowledge, of knowledge, of intelligence, of culture and competence. Some synonyms of the word dull, in addition to the above, are: zoquete, dowel, goofy, bream, kestrel, gross, rough, rude, zote, memo, etc. Someone who is not a jerk, is savvy and clever.

Often the word dumb is used as an insult, although in some cases it does not have that pejorative sense, but it can also be the quality of someone who is innocent and naive. This word also refers to someone who does not know or does not know a thing because they have not studied about it or who exhibits rude, rude, overwhelmed or gross, and uncivil behavior.

A dull person is an ignorant person, but there is a difference between acting out of ignorance and acting in ignorance. Someone who acts out of ignorance acts out of lack of knowledge, he is forced and it is an involuntary action. Someone who acts in ignorance acts uncivilly and voluntarily.

The ignorant person (ignorant in English) lives or acts in accordance with ignorance, often basing his life on prejudices and preconceptions, superstitions and ideas without foundation. In this way, he builds a false world with false ideas about himself and the world around him. This way of living and thinking of the ignorant individual incapacitates him to see and accept the truths, and prevents him from acquiring knowledge.

The influential Greek philosopher Aristotle said: "The ignorant affirms, the wise doubt, the sensible reflects." This statement shows that one of the foundations or bases for acquiring knowledge is to have doubts. If there is doubt, there is a willingness to study, to investigate, to think about a particular topic or a certain issue. That is what a wise and sensible person does. Someone who thinks he knows everything, has no motivation to learn, grow and evolve, and reveals, above all, an ignorant attitude. As the wise philosopher Socrates would say: "I only know that I know nothing." Only someone who is not ignorant is capable of making such a claim.

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