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What is Zozobra:

The word anxiety is a noun, which refers to the action and effect of capsizing, that is, it can be used to denote the action that a person performs at the time of capsizing or altering their psychological state due to some reason or motive, and turn to show the effect that the person who is under the state of anxiety or fear may be suffering as a result of anxiety.

Given this, it should be noted that one of the concepts used for anxiety and one of the most common is to define that feeling of sadness, anguish or the restlessness of those who fear that something will happen, that a person may suffer. This feeling is also a state of mind product of that fear, of that anguish that a person may suffer for fear of an event happening without knowing if it is going to happen or not.

For this case we can give an example, to better understand the concept of anxiety, and it is, when a person who has not paid the loan installment to a financial or banking institution and begins to live a situation of anxiety due to the concern that this cause and that upsets his state of mind, to feel, with fear, anxiety, anguish that the bank when the time comes to act to execute the corresponding sanction for the breach of said obligation, it is there when it is said that that person is living in anxiety because he owes money and has a great fear of what may happen, that is why he is in that state of anxiety.

There are authors who define anxiety as that affliction of the mind that does not allow the sufferer to calm down, either because of the risk that threatens him, or because of the evil that he is already beginning to suffer. This definition can also be used for more dramatic contexts and with much more serious problems, such as, for example, the person who suffers from a strange disease, in which he has little chance of survival, but has not lost consciousness, such as In the case of chronic diseases or those that do not yet have a cure, for example, some terminally ill may suffer from being in a state of anxiety due to their medical condition, since their life expectancies may be few, which afflicts their condition. of mind and does not allow him to be calm, either due to the risk of the surgical intervention to which he has to undergo or the evil that he has that can lead him to death.

In addition to being a concept used for people's state of mind, we also know that this concept is associated with the maritime area.Since when it is said that there is capsize it is understood that it is a state of the sea or the wind that constitutes a threat to navigation, strictly due to the opposition and contrast of the winds that place the navigation of a ship in danger, for which It is understood that there is a threat or a danger that the ship or boat may sink due to bad weather and climatic conditions.

But then we managed to find a similarity between the concept of capsizing commonly used and that used in the maritime area, and that is that in both it is a state that generates anguish, fear, or concern to a situation due to risk or threat of a imminent danger, which generates feelings of unease and that people are kept in suspense by what may or may not happen and with which they will be affected.

The term capsize is also used to indicate a stake and chance game, as in the case of dice, and there is a dice game which is called capsize, in which players depend on their "luck" to to win.

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